False Creek Primary Care Clinic

Convenience, Care & Attention.

Our General Practitioner primary care services include walk-in urgent care treatments, family practice GP consultation on both a single visit or annual membership basis and a number of specialty assessments and programs including Functional Medicine, Executive Health, Women’s Wellness and more.

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Advanced Diagnostics

False Creek Healthcare’s Medical Clinic provides direct access to on-site Emergency Room physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and
treatment of acute injuries, conditions, and illnesses. With our advanced diagnostic imaging and bedside laboratory testing, we are able to provide rapid diagnosis and treatment options.

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Family Practice Membership

Escape the rush. Patients receive prompt attention and have time to discuss all their concerns.

  • Scheduled One-hour appointments
  • On-site lab testing & diagnostics
  • Limited number of families per physician
  • Prescriptions and Referrals
  • Preferred rates on other services

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Compassionate Care
Quality Service
Timely Approach

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