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Our team of physicians, registered nurses, and support staff work on site to provide personalized prompt care. Our family doctors also have direct access to the False Creek Healthcare roster of surgeons and specialists for expedited referral and follow-up care. Dr. Lauren Fineman, Dr. Jennifer Kirker and Dr. Jan Venter are all fellowship trained family doctors. Together they have built a unique practice that we and our patients are extremely proud of.

Dr. Lauren FinemanDr. Lauren Fineman
Dr. Fineman is Medical Director of the Urgent Care, Family Practice, Executive Health Assessment and Women’s Wellness Assessment programs. Dr. Fineman received her training at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.
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Dr. Jennifer KirkerDr. Jennifer Kirker
Dr. Kirker completed her medical degree at the University of British Columbia, followed by her Family Medicine residency and Emergency Medicine fellowship at Dalhousie University. She sees urgent care patients and is actively involved in our Family Practice and Executive Health Assessment Programs.
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Dr Jan VanterDr. Jan Venter
Dr. Venter obtained his Medical Degree and a Master’s Degree in Family Medicine at The University of The Free State in South Africa. As a graduate of The Institute for Functional Medicine’s Certification Program (IFMCP), Dr. Venter, is uniquely trained in the functional medicine model to identify and treat the root causes of chronic disease.
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Dr. Gerhard StrydomDr. Gerhard Strydom
Dr. Strydom obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Stellenbosch Medical School in South Africa.

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