CT Scan

GE 64 Slice CT Scanner

The LightSpeed VCT is the latest innovation in CT technology. VCT means “Volume CT“ ushering in a new era in CT imaging. The innovative hallmark of this non-invasive imaging system is the new V-Res detector with its ability to deliver wide anatomical coverage and high resolution, simultaneously.

This unprecedented coverage speed allows clinicians to capture whole organs in a second, the heart in 5 beats or go head to toe in under 10 seconds — faster than any other CT scanner on the market today. Specifically, the LightSpeed VCT covers 4cm of patient anatomy per rotation, gathering 64 slices at 0.625mm (about the thickness of a credit card). Gantry rotation speed is < 375 milli-seconds…or approximately 2.5 to 3 rotations per second.

CCTA Cardiac Scan

The calcium-score screening heart scan is a test used to detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries. The amount of coronary calcium has been recognized as a powerful predictor of future cardiac events and can be used to guide lifestyle modifications and preventive medical therapies to reduce this risk. Learn more about CCTA Cardiac Scans.

Virtual Colonography

A CT colonography, or virtual colonography, is a diagnostic procedure designed to screen for polyps or cancer in the large intestine. Colonography screening is intended to find these growths in their early stages, before cancer has developed, so that they can be safely removed. Learn more about CT Colonography.