Why should I go to the UCC instead of Emergency?

When a condition is serious, but not life-threatening, and you desire prompt attention, then UCC is a safe and reliable alternative. We offer timely, one-stop care for most urgent medical problems and will ensure you receive a high standard of personalized care.

How is UCC different from a Walk-in Clinic?

UCC at False Creek Healthcare will provide you with direct access to physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of acute injuries, conditions, and illnesses. With our advanced diagnostic imaging and bedside laboratory testing, we can provide rapid diagnosis and subsequent treatment options. As well, we can offer referral to our extensive specialist consultation and surgical services.

Are you able to perform scans, x-rays, and lab tests?

Yes, we are able to conduct advanced diagnostics imaging such as 3.0T MRI, 64-slice CT, high definition Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, and Echo Cardiograms. Blood collection and analysis are available on site as well.

Who are your Physicians and Medical Team?

Learn more about our primary care doctors. In addition to our primary care team of General Practice and Family doctors. UCC has direct access to the Surgical Centre’s complete roster of specialists and surgeons for direct referral and follow-up care. False Creek Healthcare’s dedicated physicians and nurses work on site to provide personalized care.

More Questions?

Contact us to learn more about UCC.